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Here are some ways our essay examples library can help you with your assignment: Brainstorm a strong, interesting topic Learn what works and what doesn't from the reader's perspective. Following this, the specific issue of European unemployment will be treated in the second part. Classifications of theories as New Classical or Keynesian will be avoided as the understanding of these terms can be easily biased.

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Unemployment in the first situation can be called disequilibrium unemployment; in the latter equilibrium unemployment Garratt and Sloman This distinction relates to the model of the natural rate of unemployment, which implicates that, the supply of and the demand for labour meets at the equilibrium; thus, balance out frequently called Not accelerating-inflation rate of unemployment NAIRU Griffiths and Wall Accepting the Residual unemployment people, who basically cannot be employed due to various reasons , the equilibrium unemployment can be subdivided into Frictional, Seasonal and Structural unemployment Grant and Stanlake Frictional unemployment arises when employees change from one employment to another.

In this sense it is inevitable, however the duration of unemployment is among others conditioned by the quality of information about new jobs and the determination of people to search for new jobs as well as the institutional structure Garratt and Sloman ; Grant and Stanlake ; Griffiths and Wall Seasonal unemployment occurs when the demand for labour fluctuates within a year Garratt and Sloman ; Grant and Stanlake If this shift is spatial it is called Regional unemployment, whereas the subspecies Technological unemployment describes the situation when new manufacturing processes decrease the intensity of labour.

Thus, the structurally unemployed possess skills that do not match the altered requirements of the industry Garratt and Sloman ; Grant and Stanlake ; Griffiths and Wall Ralph Strubbe Author. Add to cart.