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Writing an essay about personal worldview will require you to dig deep and think about certain issues debated about in the world such as abortion, same-sex marriage, war, peace, eugenics, etc. The biblical worldview essay sheds light on one of the most populous, widely held and longest-running belief systems in the world.

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When writing this essay, it is important to elaborate on the entire chronology of events leading up to the Savior Messiah, from the creation of the universe and the world by the Abrahamic God, to the speculated end of all things at the Great Judgement. What Biblical views are held on issues of morality and sin, and how should society exist harmoniously?

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If you are a Christian, this might also form part of your worldview essay. We provide a wide variety of worldview essay papers which you can download at no cost, covering different interesting topics such as:. We have more worldview essay topics which we have covered and which should provide you with enough incentive to work on your own superb essay.

Worldview encompasses everything from the environment, birth, death, the nature of the soul, the elements, sickness, human relationships, war and everything in between. It is directly personified in the form of culture and traditions, and is highly flexible, meaning that it is bound to change as discoveries are made and knowledge about the physical world increases.

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The essay prompt may require you to debate about or write an extended paper about worldviews from different perspectives. Literature gives us the best idea of what belief systems there are. As a student researching even the most obvious examples of worldview, i. Our worldview essay examples and downloadable samples offer you the best chance to make progress on such assignments. We have covered everything from individual, religious, philosophical, scientific, cultural and even New Age worldviews.

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In the workplace, I apply my beliefs by helping other people to realize their full potential. I may not be in the right position to conduct training or mentoring so they can improve or enhance their skills and competencies, but I help and encourage them by recognizing their talents and capabilities verbally and pointing out their strengths when they doubt them. When they have problems, whether it is career-related or personal in nature, especially those that affects their work performance, I am willing to listen and help them in any way I can.

As an individual with an INTP personality, I have goal to apply ethical practices and good moral judgment in all aspects of life. An individual with an INTP personality also values honesty and truth. As a Christian, my perception about truth will always be influenced by my acknowledgment that God is truth. God, the Creator of all human beings, represents that all those aspects are true and real in this world and through His son, Jesus Christ, also knows truth and spoke about it during his life on the Earth.

Hence, when uncertainties challenge me, I look to God for guidance. When I remember that God is present in my life all the time, I realize that His words will guide me and His commandments and teachings should influence my everyday plans and decisions. Therefore, when I feel lost or unsure of what to do next, I look to God for guidance because He is the truth.

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  • In the workplace, I also do the same when I need to make tough decisions. Sometimes, it would be easy to let others make decisions instead of me and simply carry them out no matter the outcome. However, as a Christian, I believe in importance of always displaying good moral judgment.

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    Other people in the workplace may put pressure on me to do the opposite or put their interests first, and these situations may be tempting, but I always strive to remain honest and truthful. All breathing belongings, as well as insects, fish and people, pass away. It is not easy, even for older people, to recognize why this happens.

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    It may be one of the hardest things to understand. What will happen when a person dies? According to the Bible, the death is a sleep. A lot of verses tell so. Dead people do not have any thoughts. The lifeless body does not recognize anything. In the death, there are no any thoughts, no comprehension, no knowledge, no emotions, no work and definitely no awareness. Death is definitely similar to an extremely deep sleep. Dead people stay neither in paradise nor in hell; they stay just in their graves, where everyone remains till the time they hear the voice of God at the Resurrection.

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    At this time, Bible recognizes death as simply temporary event. Just like a sleeping person finally awakes, everybody will be awakened from the death at the moment of resurrection.